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Chord Theory for Guitar. Free Interactive Crash Course.

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

guitar theory for dummies

I've been raiding my old website this week. Recently I posted my 2008 investigation into re-learning to play guitar left handed, and today I'm adding an old series I've used to great effect with students for many years.

I usually find it more accessible to use a piano keyboard rather than a guitar to demonstrate the rudiments of theory. In face to face lessons a great help is always a mini keyboard on hand with the note names written on the white keys in black marker pen.

On coming across a "virtual piano", I jumped at the chance to present the same approach online and created a bite-sized crash course on my old website. I've now pulled it from there and added it through the link below. (Unfortunately this doesn't work on mobile devices. It's accessible, but I can't get the virtual piano to work, and it's messed up the layout a bit too)

guitar theory for beginners

Click above to begin!

(Virtual piano works on desktop/laptop only I'm afraid)

It sometimes takes a while to get the understanding of these rudiments of chord construction to stick. Having this small course to send students to can save a lot of wasted lesson time.

If you're just getting your head around these ideas, one of the best tools to help is one I made myself some years back. Check out my

"Desktop Fretboard".

guitar theory made easy



Old Swanner.

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