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A New Way to View Music - Taplature

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

taplature - tap foot while playing guitar

"The guitarist must be able to tap his foot when he plays! A must! Forget about every other lesson in the book!" - Al Di Meola

Upgrade your guitar skills with Taplature!

Here's something that's been in my plans for a while, about ten years in fact! Taplature has formed the backbone of my teaching for that long since I first came up with the idea in 2007.

keep time on guitar with taplature - foot tap chart

Instead of presenting it as almost an afterthought on this site I've taken the plunge and started up a sister website just for Taplature!

- If you're having trouble turning guitar tabs into music​

- If you have problems playing guitar in time, or with other people​

- If you struggle to sing and play at the same time​

- If improvising on guitar seems like a distant dream​

- If standard music notation makes no sense to you​

- If you keep learning new things, but only to the same old level​

- If you're tired of wasting your valuable practice time

Taplature is for you!

Among its many powerful benefits, Taplature offers a systematic approach to building a strong understanding of rhythm, Taplature builds on the deepest level of music, the beat, using your foot tap as the foundation. Everyone agrees having a good foot tap is important but no one to date has explained how anyone can get to be able to do it beyond the very basics. Taplature breaks things down using simple instructions to get you understanding even the most complex music easily!

single beat for guitar in foot tap notation

Take a look! Taplature is suitable for guitarists of all styles and levels. I use it in every lesson, no matter what the musical tastes or ability of the student. I also use it in my own practice and it was Taplature that helped me move beyond a major plateau some years back! I guarantee it can do the same for you!

Enjoy Taplature!

Old Swanner.

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