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Premium guitar lessons at your place or mine, or via Skype!
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Get in gear for some *real* progress with a *real* guitar teacher!

How long since you *really* improved at guitar? Get moving again today!


20+ years teaching experience.

Specialist in "hard-gainers" and frustrated guitarists of all levels!

Get moving today with Old Swanner's Skype guitar lessons (UK and beyond), the low cost solution to all your problems on guitar!

- 100% guaranteed progress, whatever your style or level!

- Hit the guitar gym hard, without leaving home!

- Try a *real* guitar teacher ... Sick of lessons that only show you what to play and leave you struggling?  I focus on how you get to be able to do it!

- No eye watering cost - "the best" Skype guitar lessons available at an affordable price.

** Unlimited free support and supplemental tuition in my forum **

- Backing tracks, tabs and much more sent directly to

your computer to supplement lessons.

- No big commitment, take Skype guitar lessons as and when you like.

- Available across the UK and wherever else your time zone permits!

- Rock, Blues, Pop, Folk, Metal, Jazz and Country.  Acoustic or Electric.  All styles and levels covered.


I'll provide everything we need, along with 20+ years of teaching experience.  You'll get moving on guitar!

Focus on your mechanics and the music takes care of itself!

Here's how my teaching's different ... and why it works!

No more endless hours of boring repetition ... 

5 minutes of good practice can beat 5 weeks of bad and is much more interesting.


The measurements we take show when it's working ... and when it's not!

If not we find a different approach!

Whatever your style or level we'll pull out the problems facing you and ensure you improve!

Here's one young student's progress this summer on Lynryd Skynryd's "Sweet Home Alabama".

There's always a new way to look at the same problem.

Shown here are only the first three pages (of 11 in total) addressing what had previously been a major long-term problem for the student.

Skype guitar lessons price as of 1st March 2019:
1 hour's tuition - £22.50
Get your mind and fingers running like clockwork!

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Send me your email and a bit of info, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

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