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Skype/Zoom Online Guitar Lessons:
UK and Beyond! £22.50 per hour.

Old Swanner Guitar Tuition

Get moving on guitar today!

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Do Skype/Zoom guitar lessons work? Yes, they do!

I promise to make you

better at guitar ... fast!

And we'll prove it, every step of the way!

Hi, my name is Paul Swanson.  Based in Leamington Spa, in the middle of the UK, I've been playing since 1985, gigging since 1988 and teaching guitar since 1997. 

I'm the guy who helps those with folders-full of things they can't actually play, finally make sense of it all. I can also take you from scratch or get you moving forward again at any level if you've stagnated.

You can email or phone me at the bottom of this page to enquire about what my online lessons via Skype or Zoom can do to help you on guitar.

Click the link below for a preview of how they work:










Anatomy of a Zoom/Skype Guitar Lesson


How long since you *really* improved at guitar?

25+ years teaching experience.

Get moving again today with "the best" online Skype/Zoom private guitar lessons!

Guaranteed progress every lesson!

Specialist in "hard-gainers" and frustrated guitarists of all levels!

Get in gear for "the best" online private guitar lessons!

Skype/Zoom online guitar lessons work wonderfully but with one big difference from in-person tuition: we can't play together live.

No problem! That means your whole lesson is focused 100% on your improvement. Whatever you want (or need) to improve at will become our target for the session.

screenshot of online skype/zoom private guitar lesson teaching californication

I'll zoom straight in on the skills you'll need to sharpen. We'll measure your progress along the way and surprise you with how fast things can take shape when you're practising like a pro!

Note the measurements below each example showing students' improvement. The faster we can do things (perfectly) the better!

screenshot of online skype/zoom private guitar lesson teaching hotel california

You choose the music you'd like to learn. I'll be making and sharing worksheets like these to your screen, adding (and ensuring you pick up on) all the hidden details that you may have missed before.

You'll get your own copies with full records of your progress sent through in PDF format after each lesson.

a skype or zoom guitar lesson example
Get your mind and fingers running like clockwork!

Get moving today with Old Swanner's Skype/Zoom online guitar lessons (UK and beyond), the low cost solution to all your problems on guitar!

- 100% guaranteed progress, whatever your style or level!

- Hit the guitar gym hard, without leaving home!

- Grab yourself a *real* guitar teacher ... Sick of lessons that show you what to play but leave you struggling?  I focus hard on getting you to be able to do it!

- No eye watering cost - "the best" (guaranteed!) Skype/Zoom online guitar lessons available at an affordable price.

** 100% free support available between lessons here in my forum **

- Backing tracks, tabs, my own articles/videos and more sent directly to your computer to supplement the Skype/Zoom lessons.

- No big commitments, take Skype/Zoom online guitar lessons as and when you like.

- Available across the UK and wherever else your time zone permits!

- Rock, Blues, Pop, Folk, Metal, Jazz and Country.  Acoustic or Electric.  All styles and levels covered.

I'll provide everything we need, along with 24+ years of teaching experience.  You'll get moving on guitar!

Paul Swanson online Skype/Zoom private guitar teacher
student's view of my Skype/Zoom online guitar lessons
Skype/Zoom online private guitar lessons price as of 1st August 2023:

1 hour's tuition -

Email Me ...

Get in touch below to book in or to ask me any questions. Send me your email (make sure it's typed correctly!) and a bit of info, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

To: Old Swanner (Paul Swanson)

Thanks! Message sent.

... or Telephone Leamington Spa
(01926) 426814.

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