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100% Free 1-1 Guitar Tuition with "the best" Teacher!

Sounds too good to be true?

Not with Taplature!  Read on ...

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"... your lessons always seemed so awesome

(I thought they were good but didn’t realise until I tried a bunch of other teachers throughout uni that I’d actually already started with the best teacher)."

TS July 2018 (1st Class Honours Degree Popular Music, Royal Northern College of Music and a student of mine from age 9-16)

Get in gear for some *real* progress with a *real* guitar teacher!

Get moving on guitar today with "the best" free guitar lessons and free personalised tuition in the Taplature forum!

Taplature is my labour of love! It's different, it works every time and it's free!  Foolproof, easy to follow, step-by-step, 100% guaranteed progress for any style or level of guitar!

Join me at and I'll make it my mission to get (and keep) you moving on guitar with my best 100% free online lessons and even 100% free 1-1 tuition in the Taplature forum for anyone prepared to share their progress (and struggles) on guitar - any style, any level!

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From Beginner ...

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To Advanced ...

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And for the Guitar Challenges that last a lifetime ...

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how to improve guitar chord changes forever.JPG
Taplature: How to Practice Guitar
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