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You've been playing for a while, but you don't seem to be going anywhere!  Usually there are issues with your foundations (see beginner page).


I generally expect to find problems in your understanding of rhythm.  These are easily cured with a very different way of approaching the guitar than you'll have seen before, and this doesn't have to take long.

Other problems I see regularly at  this level are standard issues with barre chords, string bending, pick technique, hammers and pulloffs.  These are (mostly) on the physical, rather than mental side of playing but can also block your way forward.

Another common issue at this level (or higher) is playing and singing at the same time.  The good news here is that this doesn't have to take as long to learn as you might think  Assuming the mechanics of your guitar playing are in order I can show you a simple method to master even the trickiest combinations of words and music.  The solution here is all in the brain, but needs to be approached correctly to get things to become easy, so they hold up under pressure.

Whether mental or physical, we'll isolate your problems, and monitor progress with them so that you can literally see yourself getting better.  You won't need to wonder any more if your practice is paying off, we'll prove that it *is*!

In short, we'll be dealing with effective practice (click here for my blog post explaining).  When you learn how to practise effectively you'll be done with having to hope you'll improve.  We'll replace hope with expectation and results!

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