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Guitar Lessons Here In My Leamington Studio. £25.00 per hour.

How long since you *really* improved at guitar?

Get moving with "the best teacher" (see here).

25+ years teaching experience.

While home visits and lessons via Skype offer the same fast progress, students in Warwickshire can get the full experience in my dedicated teaching room at 126 Tachbrook Road, Leamington Spa, CV31 3DZ (click for map), just south of the station.
Right from your first lesson you'll be learning, playing along and improving in a real band situation with an endlessly willing bass player, drummer and keyboardist provided by modern technology.
I'll be making and emailing you recordings as we go allowing you to clearly hear your progress over time.
play along guitar lessons leamington

Ready to record, with individual mics for you, me and our backing band.  Hear yourself improving!

- Try a *real* guitar teacher ... I won't just show you what to play, I'll show you how you get to be able to do it!

- "the best" guitar lessons available - at an affordable price!

- No big commitments, take lessons as and when you like.

** Unlimited free support and supplemental tuition in my forum **

Travel as light as you want - bring your own guitar, or feel free to use one of mine!​  Everything else we'll need is provided.

- Rock, Blues, Pop, Folk, Metal, Jazz and Country.  Acoustic or Electric.  All styles and levels covered.

I'll provide everything we'll need, along with 25+ years of teaching experience.  You'll get moving on guitar!

student's view of my Skype/Zoom online guitar lessons
In-studio guitar lessons price as of 1st August 2023:

1 hour's tuition -

Email Me ...

Get in touch to ask me anything.

Send me your email and a bit of info, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

To: Old Swanner (Paul Swanson)

Thanks! Message sent.

... or Telephone Leamington

(01926) 426814.

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