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Putting plenty of hours in, gigging lots but don't seem to be making any headway?


My guess is that what many of you are spending time doing on your guitar is not practice, but playing.  Practice and playing are two separate things.  Practice is what makes your playing better, but playing will likely only keep you at the same level, possibly/probably forever.  


Even if you think you're practising and not playing, you may be wrong.  

Here's my blog post on where you may be missing something ...

What is Effective Practice On Guitar?

Too many of us spend years *playing* along with records hoping to improve.  We often don't.  When we learn how to practise effectively, we begin to improve again.  Practice also becomes far more satisfying , and time disappears when involved in the problem solving process of effective practice.

In lessons with me, students are taught to practise effectively.  I'll show you how to understand and isolate your problems to give maximum focus.  You'll be kept well outside your comfort zone, as that's where improvement lives (remember how awkward your first chords were, and also how fast they improved?).

Bring me the hardest stuff you've always struggled with.  We'll break it down and monitor progress as you improve.  Or we can look at things you can already play, but can't yet get to sound the way you want.  Either way, you'll start understanding and addressing the problems that have been standing in your way, probably without you having a clue they were even there!

No matter what music/style/skill you're looking to improve at, everything gets better when you learn to practise effectively!

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