Oct 31, 2017

Give your practice some purpose!


I've set this area aside for anyone who wants to share their personal journey on guitar with the world at large. Jot down your thoughts, share a video of what you're practising now and another when it pays off, anything you like really!


Doing this sort of thing is a great way to help focus yourself and to think deeper about whether what you're doing is working. It's not so much about where you are now, but about where you're going! Hopefully there will be lots of constructive advice on offer too as this forum builds.


Start your own thread today ... it's your space to do with as you wish!

New Posts
  • So my goal in the long run is to have the skills and knowledge to play my favourite tracks by these guys and then be able to solo etc in the style of them. I will hopefully use this page to track my progress as it progresses. So to start the ball rolling here is my first video, I first played some chords into the looper and then tried to improvise over the top of them in the style of Peter Green. It might sound like a song you have heard before 🙈😜
  • So just started lessons with Paul, he introduced me to the Hall of fame challenge. He told me that he thinks he once got to 180bpm, personally I don't believe that haha (Proof needed), anyway here's my two videos of me one week into the challenge. Ascending 75bpm Descending 70bpm If anyone thinks they can do this faster, please upload so I have something to try and beat. Danny
  • Hello, I will be sharing my progress of learning and performing The Boxer by Simon & Garfunkel here. I have looked at a few different online lessons and live videos of Paul Simon playing the song, which have helped to shape the way in which I intend to play the song, which hopefully is a faithful rendition of how it has been played live in the last 20 or so years (with the end goal of being able to play it live myself in some format). The one that has helped the most can be found below, as it has allowed me to hear the guitar without any other instruments. Simon does vary it up when he plays it on other live performances, but the above video is a good example of how he pretty much plays the song most of the time, as well as how he changes the picking pattern ever so slightly during different parts of the song, which doesn't often get mentioned in online lessons or tabs. I will post videos of my progress and update what I have managed to learn as I go along. I don't have a video at the moment, as playing the "inside-outside" pattern while experimenting on this song over and over has done a number on my right thumb! But I hope this introduction gives you a good idea of what I am looking to achieve. See you on the next post! - Rory