Nov 10, 2017

What is Effective Practice on Guitar?


Edited: May 8, 2018

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  • Tough challenge? It's meant to be, until it ceases to be :) What do you think?
  • I made the crash course for my old website in 2010 and have not changed anything since dragging it across to here. Let me know what you think. Is there anything that isn't clear? Anything you'd like to change? Does it even work on your machine? I look forward to hearing your thoughts.
  • I've run this idea past a few forums over the years, and it's never failed to rouse some strong opposition. Here's a post I made back in May 2007 in a forum for guitar teachers. It was around that time I came up with the 4 note test. The student mentioned was likely my inspiration. I've sparked some controversy over the years with this pattern and my suggestions, for example here on Reddit and here on The Fretboard . So, what do you think about the test, and this approach to improvement as a whole? And most importantly, are you improving at it?