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So You Want to Play Guitar?

No problem!  It doesn't matter whether you've never played any instrument before, or have tried and failed up to now with the guitar, I intend and expect to get you to the stage where you can correctly strum through a simple 3 chord song within 4 lessons.

In fact when you can do this with one song, you can do it with thousands!  Here's an example of what we're aiming for.  Click Play and listen for the strum pattern in your left speaker.


Hey Jude Strum and Melody -

If you saw someone doing this today you'd be impressed.  I'll show you just how easy it is when approached correctly!

It might not be Jimi Hendrix exactly but by the time you can do this, you'll officially be a "guitar player", and have stronger foundations in place than most to start working towards the music you really want to play!


 Equally, until you can do this, it's tough to move on!  I've met countless frustrated guitarists over the years with problems right here, at the bottom level which had stopped their progress dead!

If you happen to be one of them, you will be surprised how quickly you'll be leaving your problems behind, and playing the music you enjoy!

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